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Why Is Online Reputation Management Important?

JW Maxx Solutions, a leading provider of online reputation and brand management, often hears of business owners wondering why online reputation management is important.  Many of these business owners may not be aware of the damaging repercussions that come with having a negative image online. With the nature of anonymous comments online sometimes being very vicious, anyone who has experienced an attack on their business can relate to the effects it may have had.

The truth is, online reputation management is essential for any business operating in today’s technology obsessed world. More and more companies are participating in online marketing strategies in order to protect their company from the negativity of bloggers, ranking postings or even defamatory content submitted anonymously from business competitors.

Search engines often rank by relevancy rather than quality, so unfortunately any negative postings can sometimes raise to the top of ranks. But utilizing simple online reputation management tactics can help boost the most important aspects (all the positives!) about your business to the top of Google and other search engine results.

There are many marketing strategies that can help manage your online reputation by filling up the front page of search results. This practice provides marketing stability and allows for search results with fresh content to help all the negative items down on other pages. By creating your own website (multiple sites are even better) and using a combination of blogging and social networking are ideas to help fill up some of the search results.

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JW Maxx Solutions Reviews Valuable ORM Tools

Whether a business is providing a consumer-based blog or product information on an e-commerce site, a winning marketing strategy requires SEO research and compelling content in order to satisfy the search engines. As such,  JW Maxx Solutions Reviews shares that marketers and content writers understand the audience they are trying to reach by conducting relevant keyword research.

Think of keyword research as parallel to market research and find out what consumers are interested in. Know the exact demographic being targeted and take a look at established blogs or websites to learn what topics are being covered. For example, a restaurateur may consider blogging about favorite family recipes or the most popular entrees of the week.

Blogs, as well as informative product descriptions also boost a business’s online reputation, according to JW Maxx Solutions Reviews. Consider keyword research as fundamental to online marketing and as a useful ORM tool. By using keywords in both content, tags, descriptions and more, you will be better able to control the way that people look up your company or business. You can also target clientele in your geographic area by targeting keywords that include your city, state, or area of town. The proper use of keywords is essential to having a great web presence.

Internet Reputation Manager Explains the Value of Location-Based Marketing and How To Target Users

Internet Reputation Manager JW Maxx Solutions notes that location-based marketing is on the rise in 2014, and marketers are advised to include mobile users in their marketing strategies. Since over 90 percent of people keep their mobile phone or smartphone nearby when they are out and about, it a no-brainer to market to them. JW Maxx Solutions, an expert in strengthening an online reputation, recommends the following tips to incorporate location-based marketing.

1. Think social, local and mobile
Mobile marketing is becoming increasingly valuable to small and local businesses. Shoppers are relying on their mobile phones and tablets to find the best local bargains and may check in on Facebook or Twitter for information and reviews. Internet reputation managers expect that location-targeted advertising spending will reach over $5 billion before 2016. Consider asking satisfied customers for positive feedback in the form of online reviews.

2. Coupons are popular
Consumers like to save money. Almost 50 percent of mobile phone users want local eateries and retailers to send coupons to their devices while they are in the establishment or close by. Coupon apps allow consumers to find an abundance of good deals in their locality. Check out Foursquare, Grocery iQ and Pushpins. Consider the best coupon location mobile app that will fit well with the establishment’s products or services.

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